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Bobby Vega

Bobby Vega and Bass

Halfling™ Top

Halfling™ Top

Halfling™ Jazz Guitar

Halfling™ Bobby Vega Bass

Halfling™ Pin Bridge Steel String

Halfling™ Thinline Guitar

History of RGC

Highly acclaimed luthier, Tom Ribbecke, has spent his long career perfecting his craft and pushing the limits of design. With the help of Bobby Vega, bassist extrodinaire, Tom developed a new instrument design. The two photos at top right are of Bobby and his Halfling™ bass.

The heart of the design is an unusual soundboard in which the bass side is flat, like that of a Steel String, and the treble side is arched. He patented this new design, which he called the Halfling™, and decided to start Ribbecke Guitar Co. (RGC). This new company was founded to build high quality, made-in-the-USA, Halfling™ guitars and basses. Check out the photos on the right to see the landscape of the top.

The Halflings™ construction allows the instruments to offer increased versatility, enhanced bass response and more feedback suppression. It combines the best of both worlds for the contemporary guitarist whose literature now crosses over into both worlds. The guitars are capable of large full fundamental bass response with the ability to hear and distinguish all the notes of a complex chord when ringing together.

Starting in 2003 RGC began building Tom's Halfling™ Bobby Vega Bass. Later, we introduced the highly lauded Halfling™ Jazz Guitar. Currently RGC builds an impressive line of guitars and basses. The photos at the right are of our current line up of Halfling™ models.

Although RGC is a separate company from Tom's private practice he spends almost half of everyday here! He makes sure that we are striving for perfection in every instrument.

Tom also creates all of our new designs, working closely with Mike Gutsch, our Foreman, to put the designs into production. No instrument leaves our shop without his approval!

Check out Tom's private practice at

"I've always wanted to get my high end archtop guitars into the hands of more players, and RGC allows me to do this because they're more affordable. I've found a way to make a superior production guitar with the same artistic design and discriminating sound quality people expect from my high end Ribbecke guitars."
-Tom Ribbecke