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Customer Review

Peter Panayi


You and Tom and the team must be tired of hearing superlatives about your guitars. So I thought I would let you know that the Halfling you sent is really awful, a boxwood disaster, rubbery fretboard, bent neck, peeling paint, sounds like a tin can and doesn’t look much better. really...

What can I say? This is just the best arch-top, by far, that I have ever played. Simple as that. It has wonderful tones – bass, middle and treble. My ears are giggling with delight and will, I suspect, continue to do so for some time. Looks beautiful (much better than I expected). Feels solid and reliable. And the pickup gives much the same sound as acoustic - that’s pretty unusual, in my experience. I just love it and, as you will see below, it sits in some good company. Even the cedar wood smells nice!

A real treat...thank you all soooo much.

Best regards to you have yet another fan!

Peter Panayi